in-game nft pets in vail vr
Auction starts soon...
There are 6 different models of Vailiens in the VAIL Universe
Choose sides by bidding on your favorite model.
The model with the highest floor price at the end of the auction will receive a special rare attribute.
Choose your model
Bid what you want and you'll only pay the floor price of any model you win
Select a model to learn more & bid.
Although we say that the bots are entirely human-dependent, that's...not quite true. Xoog is a standalone goo that clearly operates machinery for its own purposes. When discovered, it was massive. It can order other goobots around to destroy anything that comes to harvest goo or parts. It's quite the nightmare. We're studying it to figure out what exactly is going on, but we're not really making progress. It's like another paradigm of life...
Xoog Preview
Tier X
1 Canonical NFT
Tier 1
15 Ultra Rare NFTs
Tier 2
105 Rare NFTs
Tier 3
360 Uncommon NFTs
Tier 4
1,019 Common NFTs
There are 9,000 unique Vailiens in existence – 1,500 of each model.
Though each Vailien is unique and randomly generated, certain Vailiens are assembled in a way that makes them rarer than others.
Tier X
1 Canonical
Made of ultra-rare hypereffervescent goo. Most Vailiens are distinguished by how they incorporate robotics. Xoog-X reminds us that it's the goo that drives it all. Like a black hole, it draws all goo to itself.
Tier 1
15 Ultra Rare
This goo is hand-selected for consumer purposes. The conquest of the goo is driven by a desire for harmony on another plane of existence. This rare little thing is distinguished by matching parts—symbol of its drive for total gooification.
Tier 2
105 Rare
As a fine piece of hand-selected goo, Xoog-1 is exceptionally slimy. What exactly is it? We don't know—all we do know for sure is that it leaves bits of goo wherever it crawls.
Tier 3
360 Uncommon
The uncommon Xoog-3 will crawl into any crevice and appropriate any device or creature it can. With its wild colors and assortments, it's sure to crawl into your heart and fill its every crack—what a wonderful pet!
Tier 4
1,019 Common
Everywhere we find goo, somewhere, there's a Xoog trying to take over. Xoog-4's variety echoes with all the different types of goo it leads.
what is vail?
VAIL VR is an online-multiplayer shooter and social experience for virtual reality focused on tactical gunplay and combat. Experience team-based action and work together to achieve victory.
The game integrates NFTs to form part of Web3 and the open internet, allowing its game content to be open and its assets shared in other open games and platforms. Forge lasting friendships in VAIL VR, your next best friend is only one reality away.
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Thrill × Aexlab
Thrill × Aexlab
Vail Gameplay Trailer
Aexlab CEO × Loomdart
Vail Social Trailer
our story
If you had told me years ago, during the heyday of first person shooters like Counter Strike and early editions of Call of Duty, that gamers would soon be taking their guns and team tactics into VR lobbies, I would have said you were crazy and tried to frag you on our next trip to de_dust.
My perspective changed completely when I was approached in 2015 by a visionary who completely blew me away with the virtual reality experience she designed herself and incorporated into her EP launch. I was fully immersed in the universe that she created, as well as incredibly excited at the potential this technology had to offer the world.
Then and there, I realized that virtual reality was the way to create a fully immersive experience that wasn’t just focused on gaming, but on community-building and social interaction as well.
I was immediately moved by the thought of meeting up with my friends on the virtual battlefield and recognizing their mannerisms and unique body language manifested in the metaverse. In the metaverse, your friend or teammate isn’t just some wooden avatar personalized with cosmetics; instead, they are a faithful and recognizable simulacrum.
Imagine! You and the fireteam crush a few rounds in a row after spending hours working on your tactics and communication. To celebrate, you spend the rest of the night hanging out and going over the minutiae of your successful gaming session. But you don’t need to be in the same neighborhood –or even on the same continent– to interact and feel each other’s presence. All you need is a headset and an internet connection.
I was all-in from that moment. However, I knew that much more work needed to be done for us to get there. So, we began our journey to build a startup into the biggest VR empire in the world. That was the birth of AEXLAB.
– Jonathan Ovadia
Co-Founder & CEO, Aexlab Inc.
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