Wallet backup built different.
Tinyseed is a BIP39-compatible seed backup that is easier to hide, store, and transport.
What is Tinyseed?
Safeguard your Bitcoin, Ethereum & NFTs from fire, water & hardware failure.
Tinyseed is minted from solid titanium or platinum.
We've stopped at nothing to bring you the best wallet backup possible. Because of its clever design and exceptional manufacturing process, Tinyseed offers everything larger backups offer and is even easier to punch.
How does this work?
When you mint a Tinyseed, you’ll receive an ERC-1155 NFT that you can later redeem for your physical Tinyseed + a unique ERC-721 art NFT.
Why Tinyseed?
They say great things come in small packages, and Tinyseed exemplifies that with superior yet subtle features.
Tinyseed is made of 100% titanium and is fire, water and shock resistant
1600°C melting pointCorrosion & shock resistant
Guided Punching
Each field has a minimal depression in its center to perfectly align the center punch before punching.
No mention of bitcoin or crypto and no letters, only numbers.
Automatic Center Punch
Professional tool equipped with large hand guard for comfortable and safe handling. Included in the Starter Kit.
Minimal Size
Tinyseed is exceptionally small while not compromising on security or storage capacity.
3.5cm x 2.7cm3mm thick13g weight
Full Capacity
Despite its small size, a single device can backup e.g. 1x Ledger Nano or 2x Trezor.
Front: 12 wordsBack: 12+1 wordsTotal: 24+1 words
How to use tinyseed
Tinyseed makes it easy to secure your crypto.
How to encode
Each row of Tinyseed corresponds to a word of your seed phrase. Look up each word in the included word list and punch it in.
How to decode
Add up the numbers for each row. The sum of each row corresponds to one of the words of your seed phrase.
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