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Fight, Build, and Earn Together.
Fend off bosses, build your team, and earn rewards together with everyone in Raid Party, the on-chain idle MMO.

Lead your party with a Raid Hero. The first 1,111 Genesis Heros will be released via ranked auction.

All winning bidders will pay their exact bid price, and losing bidders will receive a full refund.

The top 555 winners will receive special rewards, relative to their final auction rank:

For Top Bidders
Auction Rewards
Bidder #1
1 free genesis hero, 2 free heros, 6 free fighters, 1/1 relic (later) 1/1 pet (later)
Bidders #2-10
1 free genesis hero, 2 free heros, 6 free fighters
Bidders #11-25
1 free hero, 4 free fighters
Bidders #26-111
3 free fighters
Bidders #112-333
2 free fighters
Bidders #334-555
1 free fighter
Bidders #556-1000
no special rewards
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Genesis Hero Auction
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You will receive a full refund if you lose the auction.
Raid Heros
Our trademark visuals, the headshot / profile pictures of RaidParty. Lead your fighters into battle with your hero!
Raid Fighters
Fighters are the real damage dealers of the RaidParty ecosystem. They hit hard to yield that coveted $CFTI.
Join the party!
Expand your party, Forage Items and enhance Fighters to strengthen your team, create guilds to raid and gain with your friends, and more.
The Raid Awaits
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Join the RaidParty Discord and verify your wallet to meet the community and start earning in-game rewards.
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