What is Interleave?
The first NFT production studio
Interleave is focused on the media section of the NFT market, something very unexplored right now, with a mission to bring web2 users to web3 through enticing 3D films, animes, mangas, hyper-casual games, and more.
Interleave has its own IP that will be used in our own various creations and will also collaborate with other projects to bring their NFTs to life.
How to mint
Watch the price
The sale starts at 0.15 ETH, but the price can fluctuate every 15 mins based on demand similar to Uber surge pricing. The min price is 0.1 ETH and the max is 0.3 ETH.
Decide when to buy
The price is dynamic and it's an open mint so you can decide when the price is right. The sale lasts 48 hrs, so wait for slower periods if too many people are minting at once.
Mint when ready
Each transaction is limited to 30 NFTs, but there is no max quantity per wallet. Also, there's a 5 min grace period after the price changes for your txn to confirm.
The Interleave genesis NFT
This drop represents The Arcadia Trilogy, a 3D animated film and the first production featuring Interleaves' own characters and a few, select Bored Apes.
Each NFT purchased in this genesis drop represents 1 vote for any future proposals that the team will have.
In addition, all owners of this genesis NFT will be given top priority for whitelists on all future Interleave drops.
6 genesis NFTs  1 superNFT
As an additional bonus to this drop, you'll be able to burn six genesis NFTs in exchange for one SuperNFT at a later date. Each superNFT will allow the holder to claim all 6 below artworks by well-known artists who contributed to The Arcadia Trilogy
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