Your New Web3 Identity
Anata is the first NFT you can literally be. They use your webcam to track your face and mimic your movements exactly. You can use your Anata avatar for work meetings, community calls, TikToks, game streaming, vtubing, vlogs, and more.
Anata works on all your favorite platforms

Use your Anata anywhere you already use a camera.

About the Auction
Ranked Auction

Bidding will start at ETH and you can bid on up to 3 Anatas per wallet. The top 1,920 bids will win.

No Price Discrimination

Everyone who wins pays the same price. When the auction closes, any bids that were higher than the lowest winning bid will receive a refund for the amount exceeding that bid.

Random End Time

The auction will last about 24 hours and will end randomly within the final 3 hours to prevent last-minute bid sniping. Refunds and then minting will follow shortly after auction close.

Total Supply
Available at Auction
Per Address Limit
of Net Proceeds to DAO
~24 hr
Auction Length
0.25 ETH
Starting Bid
Bid Distribution


The Anata Project

We believe one of the most important applications of NFTs is unique identity. Anata NFT takes identity beyond just a profile picture. You can actually become your Anata.

Anatas are uniquely crafted Vtuber avatars which can mimic your movements perfectly. When you speak, your Anata speaks too. When you blink, your Anata blinks. Move your head back and forth, raise your eyebrows, squint your eyes - it’s all reflected immediately by your Anata avatar.

Anatas are especially crucial for people who keep their real-life identity separate from their online identity (anons). Anons can use their Anata avatars in streams, calls, and more, allowing a full range of expression and emotion. You’re no longer a generic square with a name, you are Anata.

Anata DAO
50% of the Anata drop proceeds (net of fees) will go to a community-directed treasury to fund future growth of the Anata project.
While Anata holders will not have any direct ownership of treasury funds, holders will participate in the direction of the treasury to fund initiatives such as more artwork, Anata NFT integrations, community events, and retaining contributors to the project.
Join Anatacademy

Every Anata holder will have access to a series of guides and live classes as part of Anatacademy.

We'll teach holders how to use their Anata however they want – via Hologram, Vtube Studio, Twitch, TikTok and more.

Core Team

We have poured our hearts and souls into Anata, taking the project from a dream to reality over many months. Now we're ready to share Anata with you.

Business Development and Strategy

Crypto Twitter's famed RFV-loving dog. Master of biz dev and organization. Keeps the whole team aligned and on target.

Big D Senpai
Marketing and Community Outreach

Twitter hype poster and head instructor of the Anatacademy. Wants everyone in the world to be a Vtuber someday. The D stands for “Diligently building Anata NFT”.

Engineering and Product Management

Caveman, MEV-lover, and smart contract wizard. Grug like rock. In charge of the complex process of putting Vtubers on-chain in high fidelity.

Atelier Manawari
Art and Vtuber Tech Team

The heart and soul of Anata NFT. Created and rigged all of the assets with love and care. The real magic behind Anata.

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